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Learn About the Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise

With years of experience and over 50-plus Fitness Machine Technicians franchises operating in over 100 territories, we have become a leader in fitness franchising.

We have become the only national fitness equipment repair and preventive maintenance services provider, meaning our franchisees have very little competition in the industry.

It is with great pride that we step into our role as a trusted source of preventive maintenance services, fitness equipment repairs, and more. 

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At Fitness Machine Technicians, we aim to become the largest fitness equipment repair and maintenance franchise, providing our customers with service, repair, and preventive maintenance for all types of residential and commercial fitness equipment brands.

As part of Main Line Brands, Fitness Machine Technicians, with the help of our loyal franchisees, is expanding its footprint across the US and Canada to bring our gym equipment franchise services to more customers.

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The Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise Services

While we don’t sell gym equipment, we provide various services to increase fitness equipment's lifespan for residential and commercial customers. 

Preventive Maintenance
We help customers keep their equipment performing optimally, prolonging the life of their machines. 
Commercial Installations
We provide fitness equipment installation services nationwide to both residential and commercial customers.
Assembly and Disassembly
Whether breaking down a single piece of fitness equipment or installing several units, we have our customers covered.
Treadmill, Elliptical, Exercise Bike, and Stepmill Repair:
As leaders in the fitness equipment repair and maintenance industry, our trusted technicians deliver the most reliable services and repairs. 

The Industries We Serve

The customers that Fitness Machine Technicians serve can be found across many industries: basically, anywhere there is fitness equipment.

Hotel Building
House Building
Apartments and Condos
Nursing House
High Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Nursing House
First Responders
Home building
Gym Equipment
Health Clubs
Treadmill Running Machine
Physical Therapy
 and Rehabilitation
You’ll never be short of work when you invest in a Fitness Machine Technicians!

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