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Why Invest with the Leader in Fitness Equipment Repair:

Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise

Leverage Our Extensive Knowledge and Experience to Fuel Your Success

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Join the fitness industry and become your own boss with a Fitness Machine Technicians franchise!

We provide an industry-leading opportunity to service, maintain, and repair high-quality fitness equipment for commercial gyms as well as residential homes. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services is backed by our history of reliable performance – so you can trust that we've got what it takes to succeed in this booming market. Experience long-term gains while having the freedom of being self-employed; get started today and explore all that awaits you on this exciting journey!

Ways Our Fitness Franchise Opportunity Works for You

Fitness Machine Technicians offers the perfect opportunity to own a business in a growing industry. As an experienced franchisor, we ensure our franchisees have all they need to reach their goals. Our franchise model provides many benefits designed to help you see success in this venture right from the start! 

Our opportunity can help you start your fitness business and reach new heights because:

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We’re invested in our franchisees.

As a low-cost investment, we’ve considered all factors to help you see a strong return on your investment. We utilize pre-owned hybrid service vehicles to lower initial costs and reduce fuel expenses. Our scalable model means you can add more technicians as you grow and increase your gross revenue.

We’re a needs-based business.

We are the only national fitness equipment repair franchise, covering 28 states. Our equipment repair and preventive maintenance services drive recurring income by extending the life of our customers’ equipment, helping reduce liability and improving user safety.

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We offer two models to fit your involvement level.

You’ll have the flexibility to choose how you manage your business, whether as a semi-absentee or full-on owner/operator. Either way, you can operate your service-based business from home.

We partner with all of the leading manufacturers.

Our franchisees are corporately trained to service machines from an array of manufacturers and aren’t pressured to provide service for one brand only. We don’t play favorites.

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The health club environment is changing.

Newer health clubs can maintain over 150 pieces of cardio equipment alone, often making facility managers feel boxed in by local service providers who have existing relationships with certain manufacturers. We’re set up to service a wide range of fitness brands without ulterior motives.

We’re technology-resistant.

If you’re wondering how mechanically inclined you need to be to invest in a repair and maintenance franchise opportunity, the short answer is “not very.” We look for franchisees with the technical inclination to follow directions and troubleshoot, but realistically you only need basic toolbox proficiency. With our comprehensive training program and manufacturer certifications, you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to run your business.

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We’re recession-resistant.

With a low barrier to entry and limited expenses, we’ll help you break into the $16.2B sports equipment market forecast to increase and generate more than $20B by 2025. Whether working out at a fitness center, receiving physical therapy, or building a home gym, a growing number of customers need and appreciate our services.

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