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Earn Residual Income with a Leading B2B Franchise Copy Copy Copy

And Build a Strong Service Business

Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in the maintenance and repair of fitness equipment for commercial facilities and home gyms. As a proud leader in our industry, we’re committed to delivering the most reliable service, repair, and preventive maintenance services. 

With the fitness boom, the need for reliable fitness equipment is growing beyond the gym. Taking advantage of our Fitness Machine Technicians franchise opportunity means you can break into a booming industry while catering to a wide variety of facilities and enjoy residual income potential through recurring service-based agreements.

Our vision is to be the largest provider of service, repair, and preventive maintenance for all types of fitness equipment. Fitness Machine Technicians is the only national provider offering both fitness equipment repair and preventive maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. 

After partnering with Main Line Brands, we’re expanding our large available territories across the US and Canada to bring our services to more customers. There’s never been a better time to invest in a fitness franchise with Fitness Machine Technicians!

Why Should You Consider Fitness Machine Technicians?

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we’ve built our franchise business model to set our franchisees up for success. Our repair and maintenance franchise opportunity is a great way to break into a growing industry with the support and knowledge of an experienced franchisor. 

Why should you consider Fitness Machine Technicians? There are lots of reasons, but some of the top advantages include:

We’re not aligned with any one manufacturer.
Our franchisees are corporately trained to service machinesn from an array of manufacturers and aren’t pressured only to provide service for one brand. We don’t play favorites.
The health club environment is changing.
Newer health clubs can maintain over 150 pieces of cardio equipment alone which can often make facility managers feel boxed in by local service providers who have existing relationships with certain manufacturers. We’re able to service a wide range of fitness brands without ulterior motives.
We’re a needs-based business.
While Fitness Machine Technicians does not sell equipment, our equipment repair and preventive maintenance services can help extend the life of our customers’ equipment, help reduce liability, and help improve user safety.
We’re technology-resistant.
If you’re wondering how mechanically inclined you need to be to become a Fitness Machine Technicians franchisee, the short answer is “not very.” We look for franchisees with the technical inclination to follow directions and troubleshoot, but realistically you only need basic toolbox proficiency. With our comprehensive training program and manufacturer certifications, you’ll gain all the knowledge you need to run your business.
We’re recession-resistant.
With a low barrier to entry and limited expenses, we’ll help you break into the $16.2B sports equipment market that’s forecast to increase and generate more than $20B by 2025. Whether working out at a fitness center, receiving physical therapy, or building a home gym, a growing number of customers need our services.
We offer two models to fit your involvement level.
You can choose to be a semi-absentee or full-on owner/operator. Either way, you can operate your service-based business from home.
We’re invested in our franchisees.
As a low-cost investment, we’ve taken all factors into consideration to help you see a strong return on your investment. We utilize pre-owned hybrid service vehicles to keep initial costs lower and reduce fuel expenses. Our scalable model means you can add more technicians as you grow and increase your gross revenue. Plus, we have multi-unit opportunities available with our National Account Program.

Start-Up Requirements

Owner Operator

Liquid Asset Minimum
$71,450 – $118,490
Total Investment Range


Liquid Asset Minimum
$55 000 – $100,000
Total Investment Range


Liquid Asset Minimum
Average revenue
Per franchisee in business
2+ years


Required net worth
6% up to $499,000
5% above $500,000

Credit Score Requirement:


Proven Systems Make Fitness Machine Technicians Easy to Run and Sell Services

Fitness Machine Technicians offers an advantageous fitness franchise opportunity for executive owners who want to grow a strong service business through customer service and marketing/advertising. We’re excited to share our knowledge and solid business model so you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

With our vision to be the largest provider of service, repair, and preventive maintenance for all types of fitness equipment, franchisees will reap the benefits of our proven 19-year history and play into industry growth trends as a vendor. Our proven systems make Fitness Machine Technicians easy to run and sell!

We provide our franchisees with a variety of industry-leading advantages to set them up for success, including:

Pre-Opening Assistance

We’ll provide you with our operations manual, initial training program, a list of the necessary computer hardware and peripheral equipment, marketing assistance and B2B prospecting for your Grand Opening advertising campaign, and more.

Initial Training Program

Our comprehensive training program is designed to teach you the ins and outs of owning and operating your business. 

Initial training includes:

  • 6 hours of virtual in-home training
  • 3-5 hours of service and repair training
  • 80 hours of on-the-job technical training at our headquarters in Malvern, PA*
  • 6 hours of classroom instruction at our headquarters in Malvern, PA

*On-the-job technical training is ideal for franchisee owners but optional. Most owners like to get a good feel for the services they’ll provide by attending a portion of field training to acquire a better understanding of field responsibilities and prepare themselves for an emergency situation should one arise that requires their attention.

Our Affiliations/Achievements

Our Franchises Require Low Investment with Limited Expenses

Here are some of the details on the investment requirements and startup costs of our fitness franchise:

  • Net worth: $150,0000 with $50,000 in liquid capital
  • Initial franchise fee: $40,000 to $45,000, depending on your territory size.
  • Total startup costs: $81,450 to $128,490.
  • Discount for veterans: 10% ($5,000) on the initial franchise fee through VetFran

The total initial investment includes the initial franchise fee, rent, leasehold improvements, equipment/furnishings/fixtures, signage, initial inventory and operating supplies, security deposits, insurance, training expenses, computer system/software, permits/licenses, service vehicle, grand opening advertising, service technician, additional funds for three months, and more.

Services Franchisees Provide

Fitness Machine Technicians offers a franchise opportunity where you can provide fitness equipment repair, preventive maintenance, installation, parts, and assembly and disassembly for commercial and residential customers. 

With our winning training program, ongoing support, and manufacturing certifications, you’ll be more than ready to tackle any machine. Franchisees are able to service a wide variety of brands (including Life Fitness, CORE, Technogym, Freemotion, Matrix, TRUE, Johnson Health Tech, and many more) and an expansive assortment of machinery.

Fitness Machine Technicians provides the exemplary services your customers need.

Equipment Repair

Equipment repair services provide you with a steady income and keep your customers’ exercise machines operating safely.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance service agreements run on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis to give your customers peace of mind and provide you with recurring revenue.


After diagnosing your customers’ machines, you’ll have the resources you need to acquire the necessary parts for repairs.

Assembly & Disassembly

You can offer additional services like assembly and disassembly as added revenue streams for your business.

Commercial Installations

Commercial customers with multiple machines provide franchisees with recurring income, and with the wide range of customer verticals, there is a lot of opportunity.

Industries We Serve

Fitness Machine Technicians serves customers across many industries: basically, anywhere there’s fitness equipment that requires service!

Our customers are individuals or organizations that own exercise equipment. We’re sought out by fitness machine owners because there aren’t many companies that service exercise equipment. As health clubs expand the number of machines they provide, there’s more capacity for users, as well as a great opportunity for our franchisees to expand their customer base.

Our customers include:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments/condominium complexes
  • Schools/colleges/universities
  • Health clubs
  • Corporate fitness centers
  • Government offices
  • Gyms
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Private residences

Are You the Next Fitness Machine Technicians Franchise Owner?

Fitness Machine Technicians is a worthwhile opportunity to run and grow a successful business. We’re looking for executive owners who want to grow a strong service business through exceptional customer service and marketing/advertising to take advantage of our repair and maintenance franchise opportunity.

Those who truly excel with our franchise model are:

  • Dedicated to developing customers and being an owner.
  • Recognizant of the roles both the franchisee and franchisor plays in our mutual relationship.
  • Willing to follow the proven Fitness Machine Technicians’ system and mission.
  • People-oriented individuals who possess strong networking and management skills.
  • Mechanically inclined in that they have the ability to follow directions and troubleshoot.

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