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Get Built-In Lead Generation with National Account Services

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we understand the value of strong alliances in today's competitive market.

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we understand the value of strong alliances in today's competitive market. That's why we provide franchisees with exclusive national account services by partnering with renowned manufacturers, providing our franchisees with unparalleled advantages that set them up for success.

When you invest in a Fitness Machine Technicians franchise, you gain access to these partnerships, unleashing a world of opportunities and ensuring a constant stream of leads – all without spending a dime.

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Gone are the days of tirelessly searching for clients and struggling to establish your presence in the fitness equipment repair industry. As a franchisee with Fitness Machine Technicians, you benefit from our robust network of national accounts partnerships with manufacturers. These relationships grant you direct access to a steady flow of leads, eliminating the need to invest precious time and resources in lead generation efforts.

Seize Warranty Work Opportunities

Imagine receiving a call every time there's warranty work to be done at a local gym, school, or hotel within your franchise territory. With our national account dedicated services, this becomes a reality. Manufacturers often require specialized technicians to handle warranty repairs and servicing, and as a Fitness Machine Technicians franchisee, you will be their go-to repair expert. 

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Benefits That Fuel Your Success with Our Fitness Equipment Opportunity

Access to a vast network

Through our established relationships with manufacturers, you tap into an extensive network of industry leaders, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth. 

Endorsement of trusted brands

Being associated with renowned manufacturers in the fitness industry instills trust and credibility in your business. Customers recognize the value of working with a franchise that has the backing of reputable brands.


As a franchisee, you will enjoy exclusive territories, ensuring you have the first right of refusal for warranty work within your designated area. This guarantees a consistent flow of fitness equipment service requests and maximizes your earning potential.

Take the first step toward a prosperous future and join the Fitness Machine Technicians family.

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