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Investment figures for FMT Owners

  • Initial investment range: Low $68,350 to high of $108,890 including the initial Franchise fee of $40,000
  • Large territories of 1,000,000 in total population! Very scalable business.
  • Additional territory available

Royalty Fees

  • 6% of the first $499,999 of Gross Sales each calendar year;
  • 5% of Gross Sales above $500,000
  • Brand Development Fee up to 2% of Gross Revenues

System Information to consider:

  • Initial Training of 40 hours with ongoing support in your territory, via phone, webinar and video conference coupled with technical training for technicians
  • Initial term 10 years
  • B2B and B2C channel opportunities

NOTE: Please refer to the most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for the most accurate information